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The Election Integrity Reporting APP for Your Phone
  • VotifyNow is an intuitive app that helps users strengthen the voting process in their local, state and national elections ( not affiliated with a government agency )

  • It’s a tool that will notify party members and volunteers of any election/voter irregularities in their communities based on real time information being entered in by the users.

  • Votify Now can also be used by canvassers updating voter lists while walking their neighborhoods to get out their parties message

  • The app can also help users check for and report any mail in ballots issues they are experiencing through an array of Election Integrity tools to help detect and report any suspicious activity back through the app.

  • Users can upload a brief description and image or video of what they observe onto the app where it can be analyzed for patterns of suspicious activity to be investigated further by community volunteers.This information is then also sent back out to all the users in that area so everybody can see these issues

  • Also VotifyNow users can check for upcoming school board and city council meetings to attend and make their voices heard.

  • And VotifyNow will share information on local, state and national candidates so our users could have the opportunity to learn more about these candidates running in upcoming elections. This feature is called Candidate Awareness

  • VotifyNow can also help users monitor polling stations… again checking for and reporting any irregularities they observe through the app.

  • Lastly VotifyNow will continue to roll out expanded features as per our users feedback that we collect

  • All these features and more are available on

  • VotifyNow

  • Available for Android and iphone. Click logos above to download.


  • If you absolutely can’t get the app active on your mobile phone please go to the Report & Contact Us button here on this site or email us at to report incident and upload photo, video or docs..

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